Exclusive interview with expert economist Badri Narayanan Gopalakrishnan

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An experienced economist Mr. Badri Narayanan was interviewed on the topics of monetary issues and how will US Dollar survive in the fragile state of shock events such as mounting National Debt, ballooning Student Loans, Environment Impacts, unwanted rise in money printing and so on.

“I am pretty sure Job automation and use of robots in the production process are already getting momentum faster than that was expected,” said Badri.

Badri believe, If we are not really careful various shock events, which are at the verge to burst, may trigger any time specially the student loan defaults, Stock marketing bail out, social security insolvency e.t.c.

He, however, believes that the US dollar is quite strong. During the global financial crisis 2007-2008, it was fairly visible that the US dollar was getting stronger in comparison to the other currencies. When the relative value of other currencies is going uncertain people move to the US dollar.

“We always scared that the US National debt is crossing the limit that the economy can sustain but I do not think it is a huge problem since the way US dollar is structured has been providing cushion to the economy”, added badri.

Mr. Badri also feels social security is also not a major issue for the US economy.

“Cryptocurrency has a bright future.”