USD Project Interview With Innovation Expert Kyle Murphy

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On our latest interview with the innovation expert and strategy professor Mr. Kyle Murphy, we discussed on the key issues about the future of US Dollars and the probable impact on the people.

Degradation of environment due to climate change can be one of the biggest probable shock events. Any time earthquake, flood, hurricane or any natural disaster can create a massive impact on the economy. Murphy believes such adverse impact on the economy would be resulting into a difficult time for the common people.

Murphy thinks increasing Student loan is not a big concern since it is not going to default in the scale which will be able to affect the economy as expected. The total portfolio of students loan is only around $1.5 trillion, which is within the self-absorptive capacity of the US economy.

Job automation is a long term play. There will be disruption in the job but I do not think it is shock event rather a natural process of development, said Murphy.

“Crisis in a national debt may happen. We should be aware of it.”

“We had massive money printing after the financial crisis but it did not affect inflation at all.”