Save The Worker

Save the Worker

One of the major goals of USD project is to aware workers regarding the effects of inflation. A manifold of workers are not interested to know more about Inflation when actually inflation directly affects them.

Educating Workers

USD project will educate real workers and citizens on what serious issues do inflation raise on their life. USD project wants to discuss if changing currency will solve these issues and come up with effective conclusions. These conclusions will help people to understand deeply about inflation and ways to solve it through new mode of payment.

USD project looks into these issues deeply by talking to experts. The experts give their decisions and insights on the issue of workers and suggest a few solutions. We also go through various studies to moderate fruitful conversation.

Worker overview (usd) from Accounts-USD

Here is our take on political left and how it can help reduce the possibility of inflation catastrophe. This is our podcast after number of studies on data.
To know more, Do surf through the slides above. It has overview of how and why USD project is advocating to save the workers.

We have series of podcasts where we talk about inflation and how it could be a big threat to USA in few days. Learn more about it’s impact on workers on this podcast.

The above podcast brings on the debate on political right. Listen and learn more about our cause.

This is our interview with Anthony Chan,Former Economist at Federal Reserve Bank of New York. He talks about what impacts can inflation have on workers. Let us know your views on this.

What to do next?

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