How To Vote

“Change doesn’t happen overnight. Change starts with you.”

We value in collecting specific decisions by people. Any citizen who has in-depth or even basic knowledge of the U.S. economy can vote in our system. We highly value the response from economists and crypto-experts. We allow people to see all of the votes combined or some layers of them.

What Do I vote About

Your votes are your opinions on various economic issues of USA.

  1. U.S National Debt
  2. Alternate currency
  3. Inflation
  4. Shock events
  5. Government policies

Vote on our Forecast

The USD project has projected data of US national debt in a spreadsheet. You can use your expertise to help us come to more accurate conclusion regarding that. We will update the spreadsheet in accordance to your version of our spreadsheet. Help us improve our version. Our analysis shows that the year 2033 is the year when a big shock event can happen in American economy. You can now see our analysis and make changes in the number you find appropriate.

How to give opinion on spreadsheet?

Get an access to USD project’s public drive here.

  • Duplicate our version of the National debt spreadsheet.
  • Edit the spreadsheet
  • Save the spreadsheet with your name.

View Spreadsheet

Please answer important economic questions on special wiki page made specifically for you.

You can email us here and our concierge will set up the wiki page dedicated to you and your opinions where you can answer specific questions you are interested in. Your opinions will be used as a case study for us as we come with new articles.

What to do next?

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