And the alternative currency

Episode 1

See the year the US National Debt crices causes huge damage

Episode 2

See size of the damage from US National Debt crises, when it happens

Episode 3

How you can prove the timing and the sizeof damage

Episode 4

Understand how the USD project works

Episode 5

Save the Workers

Episode 6

Shock Events

Episode 7

Why Crypto Community Should Care?

Episode 8

Puzzles of the USD project

Episode 9

See Interviews

Episode 10

Calculator Until National Debt

Episode 11

Help Build the WIKI

Episode 12

Discuss in our Sub-reddit

Episode 13

Post your Opinions

Episode 14

The political left (AND Right)

Episode 15

Vision for the future

Episode 16

Vision for the future

Episode 17


Episode 18

Our research notes


Podcast explains each aspect on the problem and the fix.